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Transit Planning: The First/Last Mile
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Transit Planning: The First/Last Mile

Transit Planning: The First/Last Mile

84 min

This course is approved for 1.5 AICP CM credits. 

This course covers the range of elements needed to boost access to transit, with a focus on door-to-door transportation from a destination to a transit station.

In This Course

  1. Lisa Nisenson introduces the course.
  2. Definitions and Origins
    This chapter provides an introduction and a timeline of the rise of mobility-related technology. You will learn the definition of first/last mile and why it matters to planning.
  3. Networks and Access Sheds
    Learn about networks and access sheds and their importance to first/last mile.
  4. Disruptive Technology
    This chapter discusses the disruption of new technologies. We will also review scenario-based planning and the benefits and challenges of autonomous vehicles.
  5. Scenario Planning
    This chapter takes a look at planning processes and how to craft resolutions to get new planning initiatives started.
  6. Barriers
    This chapter discusses the individual elements that begin to shape first/last mile access to transit by reviewing the multiple barriers we encounter in planning.
  7. Best Practices
    Learn best management practices and how to improve infrastructure barriers to improve access.
  8. Mobility Hub Design
    This chapter will review the elements from the previous chapter and discuss the role and importance of hubs.
  9. Examples
    This chapter discusses examples of first/last mile plans, action programs and micro-transit services.
  10. Going Forward
    This chapter shows you how to garner the advantages of first/last mile and how to get started.

Published 2017