Susan Henderson

Susan is a Principal with Placemakers LLC. She has led numerous code reform projects across North America, Eastern Europe and Asia. Susan is a LEED Accredited Professional, bringing an expertise in sustainability to code writing. She is co-author of the Lean Code Tool, a contributor to the SmartCode & Manual, and author of the SmartCode Landscape Module. Susan serves as Chair-Elect for the Congress for the New Urbanism’s Board of Directors, is a member of the Form-Based Codes Institute Steering Committee.

Courses taught by Susan Henderson

Incremental Code Reform: Enabling Better Places

Why aren’t more cities implementing placemaking strategies, which are proven to expand economic activity, increase mobility, protect the environment, and create more equitable places? CNU’s Project for Code Reform seeks to streamline the code reform process by providing local governments place-specific incremental coding changes that address the most problematic barriers first, build political will, and ultimately create more walkable, prosperous, and equitable places.

59 Mins