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Introduction to New Mobility
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Introduction to New Mobility

Introduction to New Mobility

78 min

This course is approved for 1.25 AICP CM credits.


The course on "New Mobility" covers the gamut of technological advancements where planning, transportation, and infrastructure design intersect.

This includes topics related to: 

  • Technology’s rise
  • Shared use mobility
  • Autonomous vehicles
  • Mobility hubs 
  • Smart infrastructure 
  • Smart city technology

In This Course

  1. Lisa Nisenson introduces the course.
  2. Why It Matters
    This chapter introduces the rise of mobility-related technology and provides a timeline of significant events. This chapter also establishes a definition of the new mobility technology and explains why it matters to planning.
  3. Modes and Vehicles
    This chapter looks at a taxonomy of modes (and the technology-enabled variations within modes).
  4. Tech Infrastructure
    This chapter discusses tech infrastructure and the impacts of autonomous vehicles and e-commerce.
  5. Bus, Rail, and Freight
    This chapter looks at the various options available with the new mobility.
  6. Mobility Hubs
    This chapter covers new opportunities for land use planning for cities and towns. While transit oriented development is typically reserved for higher capacity, fixed guideway modes, hubs can catalyze activity hubs in a variety of settings for a variety of functions.
  7. Infrastructure Design
    This chapter reviews the underlying infrastructure needed to support technology-enhanced mobility and discusses infrastructure as a utility.
  8. New Skills for New Mobility
    This chapter reviews the new skills needed as a planner for new mobility.
  9. Getting Started
    The final chapter of the course discusses how to assemble what you need for new mobility.

Published 2017