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InDesign for Planners - Intermediate
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InDesign for Planners - Intermediate

InDesign for Planners - Intermediate

74 min

This course is approved for 1.25 AICP CM credits. 

Adobe InDesign is widely recognized among design professionals as the premier document layout software, with a number of valuable applications for urban planning. This course builds upon the Introduction to InDesign course, giving you step-by-step instructions on some of the more complex tools that come with InDesign CS6.

In This Course

  1. An overview of the topics that will be covered in this intermediate course, and how the tools learned are applicable in the field of planning.
  2. Poster Layout Considerations
    In this course, we'll be designing an illustrative poster, with graphics, maps, images, and text. We'll discuss some basic considerations you should take into account when coming up with your own poster design.
  3. Working with Text: Part 1
    Working with text is an essential part of mastering InDesign. Learn about the Text tool and the Type on a Path tool, and see how they fit in with our poster design.
  4. Working with Text: Part 2
    In this video, we'll get into even more detail with text by exploring the Character and Paragraph Panels, both essential elements of working with text in InDesign.
  5. The Pen Tool
    Working with the Pen Tool allow you to have great levels of precision in your designs. Learn how this tool works and see how they can make drawing precise curves easier.
  6. Basic Drawing
    Learn how to draw basic shapes in InDesign by using the Rectangle, Ellipse, and Polygon tools, as well as how to import complex vector shapes from Illustrator into Indesign.
  7. Transforming Objects
    Explore how to resize, distort and warp objects using the Transform tools, such as the Free Transform, Rotate, Scale, and Shear tools.
  8. Aligning and Distributing Objects
    Align and Distribute are among the most used tools in InDesign. See how these tools work and learn how they can give your illustrations a crisp, clean, and uniform look.
  9. Pathfinder
    InDesign's Pathfinder tool is used to create complex shapes out of simpler, more shapes. See how this tool works and learn the difference between the different Pathfinder modes.
  10. Working with Gradients
    Gradients allow you to created shaded shaped with multiple colors that fade into one another. Learn how to manage the direction and type of your gradient using InDesign's Gradient tool.
  11. Editing with Effects
    InDesign has a variety of effects to can make your documents stand out. Learn how add drop shadow, glows, and transparencies, all through the Effects panel.
  12. Poster Design Wrap-Up
    In this video, we'll add the final touches to wrap up the design of the poster presented throughout this series. See how to produce high-quality, print-ready PDFs in InDesign, and how to export your entire document -- including linked graphics -- as a packaged file.

Published 2012