Frontage Types and the Public Realm

This course reviews the 10 primary frontage types and how each shapes the public realm. This course focuses on understanding the features and distinctions of each type and in which locations or contexts each is appropriate.

  • 72 Mins
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Frontage types, described as the space and elements between building façades and the street, are a very important component of the physical environment—from the smallest towns to the largest cities. Frontage types are not about architectural style, but about how individual buildings connect to an appealing public realm. Without good frontages, a streetscape will be poorly shaped and visually unappealing. This course will teach you the 10 primary frontage types and their features and distinctions. In addition, this course will show how to apply frontage types to buildings in response to existing or intended physical character. By the end of this course, you will have a high understanding of the range of frontage choices, their importance, and how to apply them to achieve community objectives.


This course is approved for 1.25 AICP CM credits