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Form-Based Codes 101: Preparing a Form-Based Code
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Form-Based Codes 101: Preparing a Form-Based Code

Form-Based Codes 101: Preparing a Form-Based Code

62 min

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This course explores basic questions and decisions to consider when preparing a form-based code. It also covers the different approaches to regulating urban form and provides guidance for selecting an organizing principle for your form-based code. Finally, the course explains the visioning and creating of a plan, followed by drafting, testing, and assembling your code.

In This Course

  1. Dan Parolek and Lisa Wise introduce the sixth course in the "Form-Based Codes 101" series.
  2. Foundations
    This chapter introduces the three primary steps in creating a form-based code (FBC) as well as an initial concept of the types of places and contexts that work for applying FBCs.
  3. Different Approaches to Regulating Urban Form
    This chapter introduces the various approaches to regulating urban form, assessing benefits and issues with each, classifying them with terms other than form-based code, and understanding the implications of selecting one approach over another.
  4. Choosing an Organizing Principle
    This chapter explores how to create and choose a form-based organizing principle and why it is important as a starting point for an effective form-based code.
  5. Visioning and Creating a Plan
    This chapter dives into an explanation of an effective visioning process, the second of the three phases defined in a typical form-based coding process using the Petaluma Smart Station Area Plan as a case study.
  6. Drafting, Testing, and Assembling
    Lisa Wise discusses how to develop a table of contents, create a format template, document content, and revise initial drafts.
  7. Code Adoption and Administration
    This chapter discusses the basic approach to administration and procedures.
  8. Conclusion
    This chapter provides a summary of the three-step process for creating a form-based code, tips for selecting the right consultant for your form-based code project, and a few final tips for those municipalities considering a form-based code process.
  9. Discussion
    Mary Madden leads a discussion with Dan Parolek and Lisa Wise.

Published 2015