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Building a Transit Map Web App

This course examines the entire process of building an interactive, web-based mapping application.

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  • Duration 14 video lessons (84 Mins)
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  • 1. Introduction (2 mins)
  • 2. Find Me on GitHub (1 min)
  • 3. Setting Up Your Coding Environment (8 mins)
  • 4. jQuery, Bootstap, and Leaflet (5 mins)
  • 5. Developer Tools (7 mins)
  • 6. My First Map (5 mins)
  • 7. Connecting to the Metro API (13 mins)
  • 8. Mapping the Stops (10 mins)
  • 9. Zooming to Route (3 mins)
  • 10. Using My Icon (4 mins)
  • 11. Click and Map (4 mins)
  • 12. Removing Routes (4 mins)
  • 13. Real Time Buses (9 mins)
  • 14. Changing Your Basemap (4 mins)

Course Description

This course examines the entire process of building an interactive, web-based mapping application. It previews various technologies commonly used in building web-based visualization applications around municipal data. The course will use the Los Angeles Metro API to map every bus route currently run by the agency, map each bus stop, and conclude by displaying realtime locations of buses on any given route.

Although no prior programming experience is required, the course is specifically designed to bring out the "coder" in the "non-coder," and will teach the basics of internet programming languages. Different web technologies will be explored, including HTML, CSS, Javascript, jQuery, Google Maps API, and Leaflet.

Learn these skills

  • Data Visualization
  • GIS
  • Mapping
  • Technology
  • Transportation
  • Video & Multimedia
  • Google Maps


This course is approved for 1.5 AICP CM credit. 


This course is approved for 1.5 SACPLAN CPD point.

Meet Your Instructor

Yoh Kawano

Yoh Kawano

Yoh Kawano works at the UCLA GIS and Visualization Sandbox as a member of the Research Technology Group for the Institute for Digital Research and Education (IDRE), serving as the Campus GIS Coordinator.

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