Yoh Kawano

Yoh Kawano works at the UCLA GIS and Visualization Sandbox as a member of the Research Technology Group for the Institute for Digital Research and Education (IDRE), serving as the Campus GIS Coordinator. He has supervised projects in urban planning, emergency preparedness, disaster relief, volunteerism, archaeology, and the digital humanities. As a lecturer, Yoh teaches graduate level courses in Urban Planning, Public Policy, and the Digital Humanities where he teaches methods in data visualization.

Yoh has co-authored “Hypercities: Thick Mapping in the Digital Humanities”, published in 2014 via Harvard Press.


Courses taught by Yoh Kawano

Building a Transit Map Web App

This course examines the entire process of building an interactive, web-based mapping application.

84 Mins

Introduction to WebGIS

This course explains various Internet technologies commonly used to build web-based visualization applications with municipal data.

52 Mins