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What To Do When You Suspect Your Boss Is Unethical
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What To Do When You Suspect Your Boss Is Unethical

What To Do When You Suspect Your Boss Is Unethical

52 min
Credit: AICP CM

This course is approved for 1 AICP CM credit, including Ethics credit. 

This courses reviews the challenges you face as a planner when you suspect your supervisor of unethical conduct. We will review relevant guidance, including the AICP Code of Ethics and alternative courses of action.  

At the conclusion of the course, you will be able to identify unethical conduct and how to respond, as an employee, to unethical conduct by a supervisor.

In This Course

  1. Carol Barrett introduces the course.
  2. Background
    Some supervisors are unethical, but what kind of behavior are we talking about? And why do supervisors get away with unethical conduct?
  3. When Your Conscience and Your Code Require You to Do Something
    Sometimes you just can't leave things alone—your code, or your conscience, demands action.
  4. Sometimes it's Personal
    It's possible that a supervisor could ask you to be unethical. If that's the case, this course offers coping strategies to deal with the situation. If it’s the behavior of the boss that's unethical, the cost of reporting needs to be understood.
  5. Getting at the Tough Issues, Part 1
    What is likely to happen when you file a complaint? This chapter reviews the first steps to take when you suspect unethical behavior.
  6. Getting at the Tough Issues, Part 2
    Your ability to recognize and pursue an ethical course of action sometimes depends on the ethical culture of the organization and the type of ethical violations. What are some of the key variables?
  7. Picking a Course of Action
    With information from a variety of sources, you're in a position to pick what you do next.
  8. Keeping a Clean House
    What can you do to prevent similar ethics violations in the future?

Published 2017