cars and buses on busy street with metro train in background

Transportation Planning: The Role of Transportation Systems in Social and Economic Life

By the end of this course, you will have a strong understanding of the way in which transportation systems interact with society and the economy.

  • English
  • 47 Mins
  • Published
What You Will Learn
  • Understand what transportation system do, at present and through history.
  • Understand the nature of travel demand.
  • Comprehend how transportation systems interact with society and the economy.
  • Learn concepts in transportation planning.
  • Understand goods movement functions from a regional and interregional perspective.
  • Identify and explain how technological and culture changes will affect transportation planning processes in the future.

Transportation is a key element of economic and social systems. This course defines and explains core concepts of transportation, such as the access and mobility functions of transportation, travel as a derived demand, induced travel and triple convergence, trip origin and destination, trip tours, the roles of travel modes, price elasticity, demand/capacity relationships, and transportation networks.

The course concludes with comments about how technology, such as autonomous vehicles, disrupts transportation systems and affects these understandings.


This course is approved for .75 AICP CM credit


This course is approved for 1 SACPLAN CPD point.