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Transportation Planning: Travel Behavior Regulations, Pricing, and Programs

This course reviews the efficacy of regulatory strategies (such as prohibitions and mandates), pricing strategies (such as peak period pricing), and education and information strategies (such as real-time ride-hailing apps).

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  • Duration 8 video lessons (65 Mins)
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  • 1. Introduction (3 mins)
  • 2. The Logic of Demand Modification (8 mins)
  • 3. Investments, Programs, Information, and Education (8 mins)
  • 4. Pricing Strategies Part 1 (9 mins)
  • 5. Pricing Strategies, Part 2 (9 mins)
  • 6. Regulatory Strategies (14 mins)
  • 7. The "Capacity as Last Resort" Perspective (6 mins)
  • 8. Wrap-Up (4 mins)

What You Will Learn

  • Discover the advantages of responding to transportation problems through modification of travel demand characteristics.

  • Learn about information strategies and program: apps, ridesharing programs, marketing, and education.
  • Learn about pricing: the principles of peak period road and parking pricing.
  • Learn about regulation: driving limitations and parking. 
  • Develop a step-by-step sequence for determining if capacity increase is justified.

Course Description

Travel demand results from the locational and travel decisions of individuals and businesses. Those travel decisions include whether, where, and when to travel, what mode to use, and what route to take. Because the experiences of the transportation system can vary depending on the time of day and patterns in origin and destination, the system is well suited to interventions that use existing capacity more efficiently.

Learn these skills

  • Economics
  • Financing
  • Modeling & Simulation
  • Regulations
  • Transportation


This course is approved for 1 AICP CM credit


This course is approved for 1 CNU-A credit.


This course is approved for 1 SACPLAN CPD point.

Meet Your Instructor

Richard Willson

Richard Willson

Richard Willson is a professor in the Department of Urban and Regional Planning at California State Polytechnic University, Pomona. Dr. Willson's research addresses parking policy, climate change planning, land/use transportation relationships, travel demand management, and transit-oriented development.

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