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21st Century Storytelling: Video for Planners

This course will give you motivation to create video content, and give you practical, affordable tips to be heard among the online noise.

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  • Duration 10 video lessons (46 Mins)
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  • 1. Introduction (4 mins)
  • 2. Make No Little [Video] Plans (4 mins)
  • 3. Develop a Video Master Plan (1 min)
  • 4. Choose the Right Camera (3 mins)
  • 5. Record Quality Audio without a Studio (3 mins)
  • 6. Compose, Frame, and Move (6 mins)
  • 7. Cut, Clip, and Trim (4 mins)
  • 8. Show Your Work (5 mins)
  • 9. Amplify Your Message (8 mins)
  • 10. Content Ideas (4 mins)

Course Description

Online videos will make up more than 80 percent of all internet traffic within three years. Facebook videos and YouTube videos are dominating the average person’s time online. People are just as likely to search YouTube for a “how to” solution as they are an internet browser. 

What does this mean for planners? We have a tremendous opportunity to create content. Video as a storytelling platform is an excellent way to teach others about our work, engage communities in planning processes, and advocate for the common good. 

This course will give you motivation to create video content and give you practical, affordable tips for getting your content noticed among the online noise.

Learn these skills

  • Communications & Media
  • Video & Multimedia


This course is approved for .75 AICP CM credits.


This course is approved for 1 SACPLAN CPD point.

Meet Your Instructor

Andy Boenau

Andy Boenau

Andy Boenau is a storyteller disguised as an urban planner. His expertise includes public engagement, storyboarding, digital content creation, and social media strategy.

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