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Planning Ethics
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Planning Ethics

Planning Ethics

158 min

This course is eligible for 2 AICP CM credits, including 1.5 Ethics CM credits. 



This course provides professional planners with a thorough and thoughtful discussion of ethical concerns likely to face many planners in their careers. The work of planning for communities is rooted in values, often unexpressed, about the role of government in working for a better future. So planners should, from time to time, examine their own values and those of the American Institute of Certified Planners as they go about their work in the public or private sectors. 

In This Course

  1. A brief introduction to the instructor and the course.
  2. How Ethical Is Society?
    A review of the AICP Code of Ethics and a discussion of the implications of ethical behavior.
  3. Shoulds and Shalt Nots
    DOs and DONTs for everyday activities in an urban planning workplace.
  4. Potential Scenarios
    Ethical situations that might arise in a planning workplace.
  5. An Ethical Work Environment
    Creating an organizational culture that supports ethical decisions.
  6. Why Leadership Is Critical
    Why taking on a leadership role on ethical issues is important for planners.
  7. More Ethical Scenarios
    A review of more sticky ethical issues that might arise for urban planners.

Published 2011