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Measuring Neighborhood Segregation and Diversity

This course reviews the various ways to measure both segregation and diversity at the neighborhood scale.

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  • Duration 9 video lessons (56 Mins)
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  • 1. Introduction (1 min)
  • 2. Diversity and Segregation (5 mins)
  • 3. Measurement Approaches (5 mins)
  • 4. Retrieving Data (6 mins)
  • 5. Working with Tables and GIS (9 mins)
  • 6. Calculating the Measures (8 mins)
  • 7. Combining Data (5 mins)
  • 8. Using GeoDa Software (6 mins)
  • 9. Merging Tables and Wrap-Up (7 mins)

What You Will Learn

  • Understand segregation and diversity
  • Alternative ways of measuring neighborhood segregation and diversity
  • The pros and cons of alternative measurement approaches
  • How to work with Census data to measure neighborhood segregation and diversity.

Course Description

The difficulties in measuring social differences at the local level—at the scale of a neighborhood—is one of the most significant challenges facing U.S. cities. Overcoming that challenge is of key interest to city planners. This course reviews various ways to measure both segregation and diversity at the neighborhood scale. The course works through an example using data for Chicago, showing how simple spreadsheet calculations can be used to map the locations of both neighborhood segregation and diversity.

Learn these skills

  • Census
  • Data Analysis
  • Demographics
  • Equity
  • GIS
  • Mapping
  • Research Methods


This course is approved for 1 AICP CM credit.


This course is approved for 1 CNU-A credit.

Meet Your Instructor

Emily Talen

Emily Talen

Emily Talen is Professor of Urbanism at the University of Chicago. Her research is devoted to urban design and urbanism, especially the relationship between the built environment and social equity.

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