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Greening the Neighborhood: An Introduction to LEED-ND
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Greening the Neighborhood: An Introduction to LEED-ND

Greening the Neighborhood: An Introduction to LEED-ND

52 min
Credit: AICP CM

This course is approved for .75 AICP CM credit.

The LEED for Neighborhood Development (ND) rating system certifies the sustainability of neighborhoods using an integrated set of smart growth, new urbanist, and green construction principles. This course introduces the ND system with a review of its goals and major users and the business case for undertaking ND projects. Also learn about rating system prerequisites and credit requirements, the certification process, and technical resources available for assembling successful certification submissions.

In This Course

  1. The introduction for the five-part "Greening The Neighborhood" series outlines the major topics and themes covered by this introductory course, developed for those unfamiliar with the LEED-ND system.
  2. This chapter reviews the major location, design, and construction goals of ND, and the ways in which designers, developers, and communities are using ND to achieve sustainability objectives.
  3. The Business Case For Green Neighborhoods
    The triple-bottom-line business case for ND is reviewed in this chapter, including the results of case studies and a review of environmental, economic, and community performance metrics.
  4. LEED-ND Prerequisites and Credits
    This chapter is a high-level review of ND requirements according to the credit categories of smart location, neighborhood design, green infrastructure and buildings, integrated design process, and regional priorities.
  5. LEED-ND Certification Process
    Learn about the project certification process, from registration through preliminary and final review, including eligibility criteria, selection of a project stage, applicable fees, and likely process timeframes.
  6. Technical Resources for Green Neighborhoods
    This final chapter is a review of technical assistance resources available to project teams for assembling certification submissions. Resources include U.S. Green Building Council guidance options, local USGBC chapters, and other third-party sources of ND expertise.

Published 2014