A group of workers sorts through electronic waste.

E-Waste: A Growing Concern in Waste Management

Understand the alarming growth of electronic waste and its massive impact on the waste stream, explore innovative approaches used by communities to combat this crisis, and discover the far-reaching consequences of mishandling electronic waste.

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  • Duration 10 video lessons (51 Mins)
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    Chapter Duration 2 mins
  • Chapter Locked
    What is E-Waste?
    Chapter Duration 5 mins
  • Chapter Locked
    The Importance of E-Waste
    Chapter Duration 5 mins
  • Chapter Locked
    Classification of E-Waste
    Chapter Duration 3 mins
  • Chapter Locked
    Challenges with E-Waste in Municipal Solid Waste Management
    Chapter Duration 5 mins
  • Chapter Locked
    E-Waste Challenges with Recycling and Circularity
    Chapter Duration 10 mins
  • Chapter Locked
    E-Waste Challenges on Labor Markets
    Chapter Duration 3 mins
  • Chapter Locked
    U.S. E-Waste Programs
    Chapter Duration 8 mins
  • Chapter Locked
    International Approaches to E-Waste
    Chapter Duration 6 mins
  • Chapter Locked
    Resources and References
    Chapter Duration 1 min

What You Will Learn

  • Understand the critical need to address electronic waste.
  • Familiarize participants with the challenges of e-waste circularity and recycling approaches.
  • Learn about domestic and international approaches to e-waste management including cost burdens of its management.
  • Clarify often unexplored impacts on labor markets and e-waste recycling workers.
  • Broaden the participant’s understanding of e-waste and the dire consequences of inadequately addressing its challenges.

Course Description

Did you know that nearly 90% of e-waste isn't recycled, but rather ends up in landfills? This is a huge missed opportunity that can have catastrophic effects on the environment and public health. In many communities, the exponential growth of e-waste is having an extensive impact on the waste stream. This course will introduce the implications of poorly managed e-waste and explore approaches by communities to tackling e-waste. Students will examine key considerations and challenges with circularity and the recycling of e-waste and gain a better understanding of the urgent need to tackle e-waste through the lens of sustainability.

Learn these skills

  • Economics
  • Environmental Planning
  • Land Use
  • Sustainability


This course is approved for 1 AICP CM credit.

Meet Your Instructor

Seema Thomas

Seema Thomas

Seema is an urban development professional focused on developing and expanding innovative and inclusive initiatives to support communities from the neighborhood to the metropolitan scale.

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