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The Theory and Practice of Culture and Placemaking

Learn about the complex issues at play in the interaction between culture and place: the urbanization process, the historical significance of tools used by urban planners, early American urban theories, and the power of social movements.

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  • Chapter Locked
    Chapter Duration 2 mins
  • Chapter Locked
    The Making of Urban Places
    Chapter Duration 10 mins
  • Chapter Locked
    Early American Theories
    Chapter Duration 9 mins
  • Chapter Locked
    Challenges to Early 20th Century Urban Theory
    Chapter Duration 20 mins
  • Chapter Locked
    Culture and the Power of Social Movements
    Chapter Duration 9 mins
  • Chapter Locked
    Culture and Urban Consumption
    Chapter Duration 7 mins
  • Chapter Locked
    Emancipatory Planning
    Chapter Duration 11 mins
  • Chapter Locked
    Chapter Duration 1 min

What You Will Learn

  • Consider early American urban theories that have had a lasting effect on our landscape.
  • Learn about multiple topics, including the effect of European immigration on urban places, like New York City;
  • Chicago School of Sociology and the term “competition for social space”; 
  • Challenges to early 20th century urban theory, including important feminist critiques;
  • Culture and the power of social movements, with a focus on African American culture;
  • Urban consumption and “the creative class,” gentrification, and displacement; and
  • Emancipatory planning. 

Course Description

Complex issues arise when culture and place intermingle, like they do in all large, diverse cities. The urbanization process, the historical significance of tools used by urban planners, the urban revolution, early American urban theories, and social movements all play a role in shaping urban landscapes and the daily experiences of the city. Continuing the explorations of the "Introduction to Culture and Placemaking," the "Culture and Placemaking, Part II" course digs deeper into the urban theories that have prepared urbanists and planners to recognize culture and embrace diversity as significant mechanisms in a prosperous, healthy city.

Learn these skills

  • Civic Engagement
  • Demographics
  • Equity
  • Historic Preservation
  • History
  • Urban Design
  • Urbanism


This course is approved for 1 AICP CM credit.


This course is 1 LU.

Meet Your Instructor

Annalise Fonza

Annalise Fonza

Dr. Annalise Fonza is a Lecturer in the Department of Urban & Regional Planning at the California Polytechnic State University, Pomona.

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