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Creative Placemaking for Minority Communities

This course will focus on strategies to effectively engage residents of marginalized communities in the placemaking process.

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  • 1. Introduction (1 min)
  • 2. What is Creative Placemaking? (10 mins)
  • 3. Entering and Exiting Communities (3 mins)
  • 4. The Creative Placemaking Process (4 mins)
  • 5. The Planning Phase (4 mins)
  • 6. Envisioning (4 mins)
  • 7. Implementation (7 mins)
  • 8. How To Exit Communities (3 mins)
  • 9. Conclusion (1 min)

What You Will Learn

  • Definition of Creative Placemaking 
  • Overview of ‘Entering & Exiting Communities
  • Introducing the Creative Placemaking Process
  • Phase 1 of Creative Placemaking: Planning
  • Phase 2 of Creative Placemaking: Envisioning
  • Phase 3 of Creative Placemaking: Implementation
  • Exiting Communities

Course Description

Placemaking is a people-centered approach to the planning, design, and management of public spaces as spaces for opportunity and healing. Placemaking involves engaging with communities to understand and address public space challenges from the people who live, work, and play in that space. Through investing in local residents and transforming public spaces, creative placemaking can improve public safety in marginalized communities with high levels of poverty, violence, and trauma. In communities with high levels of violence, residents share emotional and psychological reactions to trauma that impacts the interactions and fabric of that community.

The creative placemaking process highlighted in this course will focus on three phases–planning, envisioning, and implementation. The planning phase requires data collection to help with the site selection of an ideal space to transform with residents. Identifying key stakeholders is necessary to facilitate the envisioning and implementation phases of the process. Creative placemaking helps to address underlying challenges around poverty and community trauma rather than just treating the symptoms. Placemaking allows for innovative, place-based strategies for community resilience building, healing, and economic vitality. 

This course will focus on strategies to effectively engage residents of marginalized communities in the placemaking process.

At the end of this hands-on course, you will be able to facilitate an effective and culturally appropriate community engagement process involving minority groups.

Learn these skills

  • Civic Engagement
  • Urbanism


This course is approved for .75 AICP CM credit.

Meet Your Instructor

Kayla Hunter

Kayla Hunter

Kayla is an experienced non-profit professional who works with at-risk youth to reimagine unused, neglected spaces in their neighborhood and transform them into attractive public spaces.

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