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Conceptual Drawing for Planners
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Conceptual Drawing for Planners

Conceptual Drawing for Planners

74 min
Credit: AICP CM

This course is approved for 1.25 AICP CM credit. 

In this course, we will learn effective ways of drawing as a means to communicate design ideas and explore digital tools that support traditional drawing. The course aims to outline a workflow and to simplify the drawing process. The course explains methods for drawing different elements such as trees, people, cars, architecture, and landscape architecture. There is no better way to communicate design than through drawing, and it is my hope that this course will give you more confidence when it comes time to put pen to paper.

In This Course

  1. The instructor introduces the course.
  2. Creating an Underlay
    The first step to creating a perspective drawing is creating your underlay. This chapter demonstrates how to work from an existing photograph or an image exported form a 3D modeling program, as well as how to cut loose on pen and trace paper.
  3. 3D Modeling Software
    We will be learning Sketchup in this tutorial, but the same concepts can be applied to other, more robust 3D modeling applications.
  4. Google Earth
    This chapter provides an overview of how to use Google Earth to export underlays for aerial underlays.
  5. Composition and Perspective
    This chapter discusses the importance of composition and perspective in your drawing.
  6. One, Two and Three Point Perspective
    This chapter teaches you how to construct one point, two point and three point perspective.
  7. Drawing Perspective in Architecture
    This chapter demonstrates how to draw architecture. We will start with the massing and apply the rules of perspective to capture the character of the building.
  8. Drawing Trees, Part I
    This chapter shows you how to draw basic tree shapes, structure and foliage patterns.
  9. Drawing Trees, Part 2
    This chapter briefly demonstrates how to draw street trees in perspective.
  10. Drawing People
    This chapter demonstrates how to use an underlay to draw people.
  11. Drawing Cars
    Learn how to draw cars from an underlay and how to draw them in perspective.

Published 2017