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GeoDesign Using CommunityViz: Buildout and Visualization
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GeoDesign Using CommunityViz: Buildout and Visualization

GeoDesign Using CommunityViz: Buildout and Visualization

131 min
Credit: AICP CM

This course is approved for 1.5 AICP CM credits

This second course in the "GeoDesign with CommunityViz" series builds on topics from the first several chapters of the previous Land Use Designer course. In this course, you'll learn how the CommunityViz extension of ArcGIS can guide the design, and asses the impact, of a project. Specifically, we'll show how the Build-Out, TimeScope, and visualization applications within CommunityViz help complete suitability analysis, buildout analysis, and 3D modeling.

In This Course

  1. The introduction provides an overview of topics covered in course, including buildout, common impacts, TimeScope (forecast), and a Google Earth export.
  2. While exploring the CommunityViz land use analysis components, this chapter defines buildout, especially as differentiated from a forecast.
  3. Build-Out: Suburban
    Learn how to setup the Buildout Wizard, including the creation of a new scenario, using the field calculator to edit land use, and defining density rules.
  4. Suburban Impacts
    In this chapter run the Build-Out Wizard with minimal settings. Add impact analysis with the Common Impacts tool. Export results to Google Earth and evaluate the results.
  5. Suburban Roads
    In this chapter, we'll run a Spatial Build-Out with the Follow Roads setting. The chapter includes guidance for creating a Dynamic Layer in CommunityViz.
  6. Build-Out: Village
    This chapter adds floor-to-area-ratio as a measure of density, with efficiency factors and development constraints, by running Build-Out for a new scenario.
  7. Build-Out: Village Revisions
    We continue by reviewing and comparing the two previous scenarios. We will also explore Build-Out alerts and the advanced Build-Out settings, including modifying existing buildings, commercial building area, and the transfer density for constraints.
  8. Build-Out: Village In-Depth
    In this chapter, we will study the attribute table for building points and buildable area layers.
  9. Build-Out: Roads
    In this chapter, we'll show how to update the previously used Village scenario to Follow Roads by doing simple layer and property editing in ArcGIS.
  10. Build-Out: Custom Formula
    In this chapter, you'll learn to write a custom formula to align 3D buildings perpendicular to roads.
  11. Impact Analysis
    In this chapter, we'll use the information from Build-Out and TimeScope to run an impact analysis and revise assumptions.
  12. Suitability for Phasing
    In this chapter, identify the strategic order of development based on proximity to amenities.
  13. TimeScope
    This chapter forecasts growth patterns over time using suitability results. Use different suitability weightings to adjust phasing in the Suburban scenario.
  14. Google Earth Export
    In the final chapter, view 3D-modeled development patterns and phasing in Google Earth.

Published 2014