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GeoDesign Using CommunityViz: Buildout and Visualization

This second course in the "GeoDesign with CommunityViz" series shows how the CommunityViz extension of ArcGIS can guide the design, and assess the impacts, of a project.

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  • Duration 14 video lessons (130 Mins)
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  • 1. Welcome Back (3 mins)
  • 2. Buildout Theory (8 mins)
  • 3. Build-Out: Suburban (13 mins)
  • 4. Suburban Impacts (8 mins)
  • 5. Suburban Roads (7 mins)
  • 6. Build-Out: Village (12 mins)
  • 7. Build-Out: Village Revisions (10 mins)
  • 8. Build-Out: Village In-Depth (8 mins)
  • 9. Build-Out: Roads (12 mins)
  • 10. Build-Out: Custom Formula (8 mins)
  • 11. Impact Analysis (13 mins)
  • 12. Suitability for Phasing (9 mins)
  • 13. TimeScope (10 mins)
  • 14. Google Earth Export (3 mins)

Course Description

This second course in the "GeoDesign with CommunityViz" series builds on topics from the first several chapters of the previous Land Use Designer course. In this course, you'll learn how the CommunityViz extension of ArcGIS can guide the design, and asses the impact, of a project. Specifically, we'll show how the Build-Out, TimeScope, and visualization applications within CommunityViz help complete suitability analysis, buildout analysis, and 3D modeling.

Learn these skills

  • 3D Modeling
  • GIS
  • Land Use
  • Mapping
  • Modeling & Simulation
  • Site Planning
  • Technology
  • ArcGIS
  • CommunityViz


This course is approved for 1.5 SACPLAN CPD point. 

Meet Your Instructor

Chuck Donley

Chuck Donley

Mr. Donley is an urban and regional planner who specializes in creating CommunityViz applications. He brings 30 years of experience in public and private sector planning working on current and long range planning processes.

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