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The Charrette Way: The Secrets to Collaborative Creativity
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The Charrette Way: The Secrets to Collaborative Creativity

The Charrette Way: The Secrets to Collaborative Creativity

55 min

This course is approved for 1 AICP CM credit

In this course, learn about how the creative process is enhanced by the charrette way. We'll also discuss collective mindfulness, the opportunities behind conflict, the magic of three feedback loops, the role of design, and inclusiveness. 

In This Course

  1. William Lennertz introduces the course.
  2. Background
    This chapter defines and explores the origins of the term "charrette."
  3. The Creative Process
    Creativity requires uninterrupted, focused work. Charrettes are an antidote to our unfocused, multi-tasking culture. Creativity is a three-phased process, punctuated by a chaotic period. Creativity takes perseverance.
  4. Collective Mindfulness
    Mindfulness is a practice of relaxing, becoming fully present, and, in doing so, releasing tension to allow creative energy to flow. In a charrette, this practice is extended into a community-wide setting, accomplished through a multiple-day period of uninterrupted singular focus.
  5. Three Feedback Loops
    It can take three interactions with a person or group to transform from the position of resistance, to a position of listening, and then to a position of understanding.
  6. Design as the Third Point
    This chapter discusses the role of design in a charrette.
  7. Inclusiveness
    Charrettes are inclusive. Rather than resist input from left field, all ideas are considered and measured against the same metrics. All participants feel that they were heard and that their input may have an impact.
  8. Silo Busting
    This chapter explores the ability of the charrette to draw people out of narrow perspectives, to learn from each other, and to create a generalist approach from a group of specialists.

Published 2016