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Building Bad, Part 2: How Architectural Utility is Damaged by Expression

Join Jonathan Ochshorn on a captivating exploration of his theory "Building Bad" in Part Two of this course. Discover the fascinating interplay between artistic expression and the functionality of buildings, and how they can sometimes clash.

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  • Duration 8 video lessons (59 Mins)
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    Chapter Duration 2 mins
  • Chapter Locked
    Purposes and Principles of Architectural Expression
    Chapter Duration 8 mins
  • Chapter Locked
    Modernist Abstraction
    Chapter Duration 7 mins
  • Chapter Locked
    Problems with Contemporary Abstraction
    Chapter Duration 9 mins
  • Chapter Locked
    Expression of Structure
    Chapter Duration 9 mins
  • Chapter Locked
    Expression of Accessibility
    Chapter Duration 7 mins
  • Chapter Locked
    Expression of Sustainability
    Chapter Duration 13 mins
  • Chapter Locked
    Chapter Duration 1 min

What You Will Learn

  • Describe how the formal quality of a building may reinforce the owners’ or users’ wealth, power, or status.
  • Describe the five points of architecture advanced by Le Corbusier. 
  • Explain how defamiliarization reflects the idealization of capitalist freedom.
  • Describe how competition may be maladaptive in both avian and human species.
  • Describe the change in control layer theory from the use of monolithic walls of brick or stone to the use of layered, optimized, and relatively insubstantial membranes and insulative materials.
  • Describe three ways in which structural expression may damage the functionality of buildings.

Course Description

Part Two of “Building Bad” provides an examination of why and how dysfunctional forms of artistic expression can damage the utilitarian functionality of buildings. The first course, Part One of this series, explains how architectural utility is constrained by politics and economics.

Learn these skills

  • Architecture
  • LEED
  • Sustainability


This course is approved for 1 AICP CM credit.


This course is 1 LU|HSW.

Meet Your Instructor

Jonathan Ochshorn

Jonathan Ochshorn

Jonathan is a registered architect with an academic background in structural engineering and urban design as well as architecture.

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