William Riggs

Dr. William (Billy) Riggs, PhD, AICP, LEED AP, is an Assistant Professor at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo focusing on quantitative community analysis and urban planning policies. His work has spanned both the public and private sector, with specialized expertise in transportation, housing, economic development and sustainable land use and environmental planning. This includes award winning design work in California, Hawaii and Guam and two of the first LEED ND projects ever completed.  In his free time he is an active runner and musician. You can see his complete bio here

Introductory Population Analysis with Excel

Whether you're new to population analysis or just need a refresher, this course offers a comprehensive overview of the steps necessary to conduct analysis and develop projections using publicly available...

51 min
Introductory Housing Analysis with Excel

Planners play a crucial role in making housing more affordable and livable. In this course, you will learn about basic market principles, how to judge housing needs, and how to meet that housing need...

56 min AICP CM
Introductory Urban Economics Analysis with Excel

Economic data is all around us. When we buy coffee or go to the movies, each of those actions involve an economic exchange or a trade of resources. This course teaches Microsoft Excel in applying the...

29 min
Quantum GIS Bootcamp

Ever been frustrated with the cost of ArcGIS or related software? Use a Mac or operating system that won’t run ESRI software? This course gets you started with Quantum GIS or QGIS, a free, open source GIS...

57 min AICP CM