Understanding LEED Neighborhood Development

The LEED for Neighborhood Development (ND) rating system certifies the sustainability of neighborhoods using an integrated set of smart growth, new urbanist, and green construction principles. This track follows Eliot Allen around Portland, Oregon as he discusses the goals and uses of LEED-ND, resources for governments, submission preparation, international considerations, and major updates.    

Greening the Neighborhood: An Introduction to LEED-ND

This course introduces the LEED-ND (Neighborhood Development) system with a review of its goals and major users and the business case for undertaking ND projects. Also learn about rating system prerequisites and credit requirements, the certification process, and technical resources available for assembling successful certification submissions.

51 Mins

Greening the Neighborhood: Accelerating Sustainability with LEED-ND

This course reviews options and resources for local governments to leverage LEED-ND by examining case studies of local experiences and results.

52 Mins

Greening the Neighborhood: LEED-ND Core Concepts

Learn about the six key elements used throughout the submission preparation process: site type, boundary, buildable land, development program, terminology, and mapping.

29 Mins

Greening the Neighborhood: LEED-ND Metrics

This course describes approaches for making the LEED-ND calculations that will influence the work of the project team throughout the process.

65 Mins

Greening the Neighborhood: LEED-ND Globally and v.4 Update

The final course in the "Greening the Neighborhood" series discusses international considerations for LEED-ND and reviews LEED v.4, the first major update to the LEED-ND system since 2009.

51 Mins

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