CityEngine for Planners

Learn to create urban environments with ESRI's CityEngine 3D modeling software.

CityEngine for Planners 1: Introduction

This course is designed for beginners seeking an introduction to 3D procedural modeling and CityEngine software.

47 Mins

CityEngine for Planners 2: Coding in Computer Generated Architecture (CGA) and Exporting

The second course of the City Engine for Planners track dives into coding in Esri CityEngine’s proprietary Computer Generated Architecture (CGA) code.

70 Mins

CityEngine for Planners 3: Integration and GIS

Learn how to import real-world data from satellite imagery and terrain to GIS data.

70 Mins

CityEngine for Planners 4: Sharing Your Work

Learn about the range of options for sharing your work, from web viewers to a simple VR experience.

77 Mins

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