Carolyn Staskiewicz

For nearly 16 years, Carolyn Staskiewicz has been involved in a multitude of educational facility planning efforts across the country. From statewide facility assessments to educational facility specifications and programming, she is adept at determining short and long-term needs of educational systems. Carolyn has been recognized as an expert in her field by the State of Maryland and California providing testimonials on educational planning topics. She currently serves as the Director of Facility Planning at The Ohio State University. 

K-12 Master Facility Planning

This course shows the steps necessary to develop a successful facility master plan for K-12 education.

51 min AICP CM
Educational Space Programming for a New or Renovated Facility

This course shows how to develop a building program for an education facility. A program, sometimes referred to as educational specifications, documents the vision, goals, activities, square footage needs,...

31 min AICP CM