Tony Perez

Tony Perez has over 27 years of public and private sector experience with a focus on organizing and writing specific plans, master plans and form-based codes. In the past 14 years, Tony has prepared, co-authored and peer-reviewed over forty form-based codes. His recent work includes Vallejo, CA Citywide Code, Fremont, CA Center City Code, Fresno, CA Downtown Code, and Tehachapi, CA Citywide Code.  In 2012, Tony’s work on Santa Ana’s Transit Zoning Code was a winner of the Driehaus Form-Based Codes Award.  Prior to entering the private sector in 2000, Tony served as city planner for several California cities, in roles that included redevelopment staff for three main street revitalization projects. Tony is fluent in urban design and architecture, enabling him to extract the necessary information and direction out of a community vision and to ask important questions of designers and stakeholders in the process.  Tony teaches Form-Based Coding at UCLA and Cal Poly Pomona, and is Director of Form-Based Coding at Opticos Design, Inc.

Form-Based Codes 101: Introduction

In this course we will define form-based codes, explain why they were invented, and distinguish them from conventional "use-based" zoning ordinances—all with an emphasis on placemaking and walkability. We...

Form-Based Codes 101: Learning How To Look

This course will teach you the skills to appreciate and analyze the measures and functions of good urbanism. 

Frontage Types and the Public Realm

This course reviews the 10 primary frontage types and how each shapes the public realm. This course focuses on understanding the features and distinctions of each type and in which locations or contexts...

73 min AICP CM, CNU-A