Todd J. Poole

Todd Poole is president, founder, and managing principal of 4ward Planning Inc., with more than 24 years of economic development experience, both as a private sector consultant and a public sector practitioner. Specifically, Todd has extensive experience in the following areas: comprehensive and master planning, transit-oriented development, economic and economic impact analysis, regional transportation planning, redevelopment and neighborhood revitalization, park and trail revenue analysis, adaptive reuse, and development advisory.

Courses taught by Todd J. Poole

Calculating the Benefits of Parks, Trails, and Open Space

This course provides examples of how to calculate market and non-market values of parks, trails, and open space, as well as how to identify potential revenue-generating opportunities for long-term maintenance and operation.

34 Mins

Economic Impact Analysis in Land Use Planning

This course examines how input-output models contribute to economic impact analyses and presents examples of how economic impact analysis can be applied in a wide range of planning projects.

54 Mins

Land Use Planning to Support Economic Development

This course provides a general understanding of macro level socio-economic and related business and industry trends likely to influence economic development plans and associated land use policies over the next twenty years.

57 Mins

Understanding Fiscal Impact Analyses

This course will explore the various elements of a fiscal impact analysis, particularly as it relates to residential projects.

46 Mins