Software Used In This Course

Learn about the software and GIS data used in the course.

In This Course

  1. Emily Talen outlines the goals and content of the "Urban Design for Planners" series and introduces the first course.
    5 min
  2. This chapter explores some of the ways that planning and design intersect as well as the key principles that guide the exercises in this series.
    7 min
  3. Learn about the software and GIS data used in the course.
    8 min
  4. GIMP: Creating a Symbol
    GIMP is the raster-based, open source alternative to Adobe Photoshop. This chapter demonstrates how to take a design idea from Google Earth and translate it into a symbol.
    10 min
  5. Inkscape: Basics Functions
    Inkscape is the vector-based, open source alternative to Adobe Illustrator. This chapter walks through the process of downloading Inkscape and some of its basic tools and functions.
    7 min
  6. QGIS: Loading Data and Using Layers
    Learn how to import data and manipulate layers in QGIS.
    13 min
  7. Developing a Graphic Style
    This chapter provides ideas and tips for building a graphical representation of GIS layers.
    16 min
  8. SketchUp: Downloading and Using Plugins
    Emily Talen wraps up the course by demonstrating how to configure SketchUp for DXF files and how to find and use plugins.
    9 min