Tammy Seale

Tammy Seale is a principal with Michael Baker International and director of the Sustainability and Climate Change Services team. She has over 20 years of experience of environmental and land use planning experience as a practitioner, researcher, and educator. Ms. Seale is a leader in the field, working to inform and expand the practice and provide practical, effective, and sustainable strategies to address climate change in communities. She manages the team’s administrative, marketing, and business development functions and oversees collaborative preparation of comprehensive environmental and land use planning projects, specializing in sustainability, climate change, and renewable energy. She has overseen the preparation of more than 50 climate and energy action plans.  In addition, Ms. Seale contributes to the profession through service, research, teaching, and practice. She is also a frequent presenter and discussant at local, regional, state, and national conferences, seminars, courses, and special lectures on sustainability, resiliency, and local climate action planning. Ms. Seale is actively involved in service to the planning profession and collaborates with her colleagues, professional associations, and academic institutions to pursue research, publication, and curriculum development focused on local climate action planning. Ms. Seale is also a co-author, with Michael R. Boswell and Adrienne I. Greve, of Local Climate Action Planning, the first guidebook for preparation of local climate action plans to address reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and adaptation to climate change impacts.

Introduction to Climate Action Planning

This course provides an overview of the purpose, process, and potential of climate action planning. 

67 min AICP CM, CNU-A
Greenhouse Gas Emissions Accounting for Cities

Greenhouse gas emissions accounting is a core tool for developing, implementing, and monitoring climate actions and strategies. This course provides a basic overview of concepts that can be supplemented...

61 min AICP CM, CNU-A
Creating a Low-Carbon, Resilient City

This course introduces strategies for achieving low-carbon, resilient communities.

49 min AICP CM, CNU-A