Norman Wright

Norman Wright is the Director of Neighborhood Services for Adams County, Colorado. In his career as a local government planner, he has written a city-wide form-based code and authored six plans for three local governments. His work has received awards from the Tennessee and South Carolina Chapters of the American Planning Association and a nomination for the SEIMENS Sustainable Communities Award. In 2013, he was named Tennessee's “Public Administrator of the Year”. His work has been featured in the American Planning Association’s Practicing Planner, Zoning Practice, and Planning magazines. He also makes frequent contributions to the professional communities at and Better! Cities and Towns.

Courses taught by Norman Wright

The DIY Form-Based Code: An Introduction

Citing standards and design guidelines from SmartCode and The Form-Based Code Guide, this first of several courses introduces a novel, iterative, and testable methodology.

28 Mins

The DIY Form-Based Code: Publishing and Expanding

In this fourth and final course of the DIY Form-Based Code series, learn to visually communicate publishable form-based code by using SketchUp and InDesign.

87 Mins

The DIY Form-Based Code: Research and Development

Covering concepts critical to developing the foundation for a code, this course takes a a tour through the creation of a code for the hypothetical city of Wrightville.

66 Mins

The DIY Form-Based Code: Testing and Refining

This third of four courses from the "DIY Form-Based Code" series shows how to use Excel and SketchUp to generate randomization tests, modeling, and refinements for a draft version of a form-based code.

81 Mins