James Carpentier

James Carpentier is State and Local Government Affairs Manager with the International Sign Association (ISA). In this capacity James works with and educates local officials and planners in the creation of reasonable and effective sign codes.  Prior to that James was the owner of Carpentier Consulting LLC, where he specialized in sign variances, entitlements and sign legislation. In addition, James was Director of Government Relations for one of the largest and most respected sign companies in the country.  James also has over 25 years’ experience as a certified planner in the public and private sectors. He has Bachelors from the University of Wisconsin Green Bay and Masters studies in Public Administration and Urban Planning from the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee.

James can be reached at [email protected].

Resources for planners

Courses taught by James Carpentier

Legal Issues in Sign Codes

This course provides basic knowledge of the legal issues involved in sign codes, focusing on constitutionally-compliant sign codes in the aftermath of U.S. Supreme Court's recent decision in Reed v Town of Gilbert

59 Mins

Regulating Electronic Message Centers

This course provides practical, solution-focused guidance for regulations that leverage digital sign technology while protecting community aesthetic values and safety concerns. This course is available for free.

49 Mins