Emily Yasukochi

Emily Yasukochi is a Customer Success Manager at Remix, where she provides training and consultation services to Remix’s large transit agency partners around the world. Remix is the first software platform designed for transit planners and is a simple and beautiful tool that helps planners quickly draw and evaluate multiple scenarios and plan better transit. Remix started two years ago and is now working with over 200 transit agencies of all sizes around the world.

Prior to joining Remix, Emily worked as a planner for nearly a decade at transit agencies in Seattle, WA and North Carolina, focusing on operations planning, policy development, research and strategic planning. She earned her Master’s in Regional Planning at the University of North Carolina. 

Courses taught by Emily Yasukochi

Transit Service Design 101

In this course, we will review the principles of transit service design, how resources are allocated and accounted for, and using the Remix software platform, we will design and evaluate a new transit route.

52 Mins