Brad Neumann

Brad Neumann is a MSU Senior Extension Educator who serves as an educational resource for local and tribal governments across Michigan’s Upper Peninsula in the areas of land use planning and zoning, community and economic development and general governance topics including effective meetings and civic engagement. He specializes in Placemaking, planning and zoning for renewable energy systems, local government climate adaptation and mitigation, green infrastructure, and zoning issues related to the Michigan Right to Farm Act and the Land Division Act. Neumann has worked as a private-sector planner and in the capacity of a public-sector planner and has taught and conducted original research as a National Science Foundation Fellow. He is a member of the American Institute of Certified Planners (AICP) and holds certificates from the National Charrette Institute and Form-Based Codes Institute. Brad holds B.S. degrees in Land Use Planning and Economics from Northern Michigan University and a M.S. degree in Natural Resource Economics and Policy from the University of Maine.

Courses taught by Brad Neumann

How Does Zoning Work?

This course introduces zoning from the vantage point of how its implementation by local governments is similar to the democratic structure of the federal government. Legislative, administrative, and quasi-judicial functions provide a check and balance for each other. This course will also look at the roles different bodies and people perform.

49 Mins

Overview of the Zoning Process

This course gives you an overview of the zoning processes. The zoning ordinance is a legal document that requires a strong background in law and planning. This course details each step of the zoning process to make effective land use decisions.

38 Mins

The Site Plan

In this course, you will learn about the nature and use of a site plan and how it relates to the requirements of the zoning ordinance. The course covers the definition of a site plan, site plan requirements, and the process of conducting a thorough site plan review. The site plan is often the last step in the review process prior to receiving a building permit. An approved plan, is what the public will see after construction, and once the plan is approved the regulatory agency must enforce the site plan through project completion.

55 Mins