Tom Sanchez

Tom Sanchez is a professor in Texas A&M’s Department of Landscape Architecture and Urban Planning. He teaches courses in the areas of planning analysis methods, cities and technology, and the future of cities. Over the past several years, he's been researching the application of AI to urban planning.

Courses taught by Tom Sanchez

Demystifying AI: Terminology, Tools, and Techniques for Urban Planners

Understanding the basics of artificial intelligence, or AI, is increasingly important for urban planners. Learn the capabilities, limitations, and language of emerging technologies that utilize AI methods.

70 Mins

Navigating the Ethical Landscape for AI in Urban Planning

Uncover some of the largest ethical issues related to using AI in urban planning, and how some cities around the world are taking steps to ensure fairness, honesty, and accountability amidst this revolutionary technology.

66 Mins