Matt Raimi

Matt Raimi is the president and founder of Raimi + Associates, a Berkeley-based planning, design and public health consulting firm. Matt has been actively engaged in the healthy community movements for the past decade. He is one of the authors of “How to Create and Implement Healthy General Plans” (published with Changelab Solutions, 2009) and has worked on more than a dozen health policy documents including the Plan for Healthy Los Angeles, a two year effort to create and then implement a new Health Element for the City of Los Angeles’ General Plan. Matt and his staff have also participated in multiple training sessions on the intersection between public health and planning.

Raimi + Associates is also the winner of the American Planning Association’ 2015 National Planning Award of Excellence for an  Emerging Planning and Design Firm. One of the reasons for this award was the firm’s leadership in planning for healthy and equitable communities, and its dedication to working in disadvantaged communities suffering from health disparities.

Courses taught by Matt Raimi

Comprehensive Planning for Healthy Communities

This course covers the process of incorporating public health goals into a General Plan or Comprehensive Plan for a region, county, city, town, or neighborhood.

78 Mins

Introduction to Healthy Communities

This course provides an overview of the healthy community movement and the relationship between health and planning.

72 Mins