Kaizer Rangwala

Kaizer Rangwala is the founding principal of Rangwala Associates, a firm that practices the principles of walkable urbanism and smart growth. Kaizer’s training and experience in planning, design, and economic development coupled with his interest in form-based coding brings forth a broad and distinctive perspective to preparing effective plans and codes.  Kaizer’s work on corridors has been recognized with numerous awards. He has lectured extensively on form-based coding, restorative and place-based economy, and wholistic sustainabilty. His writings have been featured in economic development and planning publications.

Courses taught by Kaizer Rangwala

Form-Based Codes 101: Corridors

Corridors have historically been a key element of the urban fabric of every American town and city, yet they are also commonly problematic. This course looks at the roots of the problem for examples of how corridors can be designed and coded.

55 Mins