Jennifer Evans-Cowley

Dr. Jennifer Evans-Cowley, AICP is Vice Provost for Capital Planning and Regional Campuses at The Ohio State University. Dr. Evans-Cowley is one of Planetizen's most dynamic professors, and she also teaches Planetizen's AICP Exam Preparation Class.

Courses taught by Jennifer Evans-Cowley

AICP Exam Prep Primer

With more than a decade of experience in online AICP exam preparation, Planetizen brings you this primer for self-guided study for the AICP exam. The course offers a comprehensive catalog of how-tos: from general study preparation to a broad selection of exam topics and associated readings based on exceprt from the Planetizen AICP Exam Preparation Class.

52 Mins

Planning History, Theory, and Law Primer for the AICP Exam

This course is an excerpt from the Planetizen AICP Exam Preparation Class. It offers a succinct, structured overview of the key principles in U.S. city planning theory and explains major topics of planning history, concluding with a discussion of legal doctrines enshrined in the United States Constitution that all practicing planners must know. 

42 Mins

There's An App for That: Using Smartphones for Planning

As more and more cities make open their data to the public, smartphones are becoming an essential tool in citizen engagement and participation. Apps and mobile websites give planners the ability to seek input from their communities, locate potholes and other nuisances, and deliver useful info during public meetings.

23 Mins