Garlynn Woodsong

Garlynn Woodsong is a Project Manager in the regional planning team at Calthorpe Associates. He is a geographer and urban planner with more than 13 years of experience in transportation, land use, and regional and corridor planning and policy. His work and experience ranges from transit-oriented development, bicycle transportation planning, regional transportation policy and funding, to the use of GIS technology to support smart growth and regional planning efforts. At Calthorpe Associates, he has been instrumental in the conceptualization, development and deployment of the RapidFire and UrbanFootprint planning tools.

Courses taught by Garlynn Woodsong

Regional Scenario Planning: An Overview

This first of two courses offers a brief history of regional scenario planning in the late 20th century and beyond, with examples from Portland, Oregon's Vision 2040, Salt Lake City's Envision Utah, and the Chicago Metropolis Plan. Principles of regional planning relating to land use, urban design, and transportation are discussed. Finally, more advanced regional planning topics are touched on, including jobs/housing balance, and the relationship between demographics and regional housing market demand.

47 Mins

Regional Scenario Planning: Understanding Urban Footprint

This course is the second of two scenario planning courses hosted by Garlynn Woodsong. This course introduces UrbanFootprint, a next-generation open source scenario planning tool developed in response to a changing policy environment in order to automate and streamline the processes involved with: loading base data; assessing and defining developable lands; translating existing plans and scenarios; creating new scenarios; and analyzing those scenarios for their performance according to a range of metrics.

51 Mins