Elizabeth Doerr

Elizabeth Doerr is a writer with expertise and awareness around social and racial justice issues and effective community engagement. She is founder and principal of Doerr&Co., a communication, writing, and social impact firm where she works with individuals to plan, propose, and write their books. You can find her work in publications such as Bloomberg CityLab, Portland Monthly, Parent.com, and Baltimore City Paper.

Courses taught by Elizabeth Doerr

Roadways for People, Part 1

Using Portland's I-5 Rose Quarter Improvement Project as a central case study, Lynn Peterson and co-instructor Elizabeth Doerr explore why and how we need a more inclusive, people-centered transportation planning process.

79 Mins

Roadways for People, Part 2

Home in on the Community Solutions Based Approach through the example of a recent project in Baltimore, Maryland to re-reroute and update an Amtrak tunnel that would affect the predominantly Black neighborhood of Reservoir Hill.

54 Mins