Daniel Garcia

Daniel Garcia is a freelance urban designer currently practicing in the growing construction markets of Asia, where he earned one of his two master's degrees in urban planning (the other in architecture) in a joint program with Bauhaus University in Germany. Having also grown up in South America, Daniel utilizes these different contexts to develop an eclectic portfolio of master plans and other drawings that find ways to subsume the postmodern city form within natural environments. His most important works deal with the auto-constructed city and the integration of squatter settlements with the formal city following the philosophy of urban bio-acupuncture.

Courses taught by Daniel Garcia

Hand Drawing Master Plans

This course provides an introduction to urban design sketching by teaching how to draw urban design sketches and master plans using a mix of colored and black ink. These drawing techniques can be used to create plans that are detailed and expressive enough to use both in academic and professional presentations.

70 Mins