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Overview of the Zoning Process

This course gives you an overview of the zoning processes. The zoning ordinance is a legal document that requires a strong background in law and planning. This course details each step of the zoning process to make effective land use decisions.

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  • Duration 12 video lessons (38 Mins)
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  • 1. Introduction (3 mins)
  • 2. Words To The Wise (2 mins)
  • 3. The Big Picture (3 mins)
  • 4. Creating An Ordinance (3 mins)
  • 5. Adopting An Ordiannce (1 min)
  • 6. Amending An Ordinance (3 mins)
  • 7. Special Land Uses (2 mins)
  • 8. Planned Unit Development (3 mins)
  • 9. Appeals, Variances, and Interpretation (6 mins)
  • 10. Zoning Ordinance Enforcement (2 mins)
  • 11. Managing The Zoning Process (1 min)
  • 12. Review Activity (2 mins)

Course Description

Learn these skills

  • Civic Engagement
  • Land Use
  • Law and Policy
  • Plan Making
  • Zoning Codes

Meet Your Instructor

Brad Neumann

Brad Neumann

Brad Neumann is a MSU Senior Extension Educator who serves as an educational resource for local and tribal governments across Michigan’s Upper Peninsula.

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