Photoshop for Planners - Advanced

Adobe Photoshop is widely recognized among design professionals as the premier image editing software, with a great many valuable applications for urban planning.  This course builds upon the Introduction to Photoshop and Intermediate Photoshop Courses, giving you step-by-step instructions on some of the advanced tools that come with Photoshop CS5.

In This Course

  1. Introduction Free
    1 minute 56 seconds
  2. Adjustment Layers
    8 minutes 48 seconds
  3. Smart Objects
    7 minutes 58 seconds
  4. Channels and Masks
    15 minutes
  5. Analysis Tools
    6 minutes 59 seconds
  6. Filters
    9 minutes 16 seconds
  7. Cleaning Up Imperfections
    12 minutes 9 seconds
  8. Photosimulations: Building Your Library
    8 minutes 47 seconds
  9. Photosimulations: Working with Perspective
    13 minutes 48 seconds
  10. Photosimulations: Composing the Image
    11 minutes 11 seconds
  11. Photosimulations: Adding Layers
    10 minutes 57 seconds
  12. Photosimulations: Completing Your Image
    9 minutes 10 seconds
Mike Ernst instructor
Mike Ernst is an urban planner and designer whose work has focused on participatory planning, community outreach and innovative urban design through creative and engaging visual communication.