Gephi for Network Analysis and Visualization

Network Analysis helps urban planners, designers, and policy makers explore the dynamics and complexities of social networks and organizations. This course demonstrates the ways you can use the open-source Gephi software to visualize and analyze online social networks. The modules focus on real-time, "big-data" driven municipalities engaging with the public via Facebook. This course includes analysis of a Facebook group created for disaster recovery purposes after Superstorm Sandy. As part of this course, you will learn how to find potential stakeholders or various groups and sub-groups in online networks. You will also learn how to analyze and visualize network behavior. 

In This Course

  1. Introduction Free
    1 minute 46 seconds
  2. The Power of Gephi? Free
    2 minutes 47 seconds
  3. Facebook Data Harvesting Using NetVizz
    8 minutes 14 seconds
  4. Nodes and Edges
    6 minutes 47 seconds
  5. Networks Layout
    12 minutes 9 seconds
  6. Exploring Network Attributes
    13 minutes 42 seconds
  7. Networks Visualization and Cleanup
    12 minutes 46 seconds
  8. Network Labeling
    11 minutes 34 seconds
  9. Visualizing Networks Based on Ranking
    9 minutes 48 seconds
  10. Filtering Nodes
    8 minutes 45 seconds
  11. Visualizing Networks Based on Computing Degree
    13 minutes 33 seconds
  12. Visualizing Networks Based on Computing Modularity
    7 minutes 46 seconds
  13. Visualizing and Exporting in the Preview Window
    10 minutes
  14. Wrap Up
    43 seconds
Nader Afzalan instructor
Nader Afzalan is the Vice-Chair of the American Planning Association-Technology Division and a PhD candidate in Planning and Design at the University of Colorado.