Qian He

Qian He is a Postdoctoral Research Associate at the University of Maryland. She graduated with a Ph.D. in Urban Planning and Public Policy from the University of Arlington at Texas in May 2022. 

Qian has over ten years of experience in Urban Planning and has taught Urban Planning courses at the university level. Her research examines the intersection between urban planning decisions and social equity outcomes. Beyond academia, Qian has worked actively with the nonprofit sector for projects on community development and place-based policy for community resilience.

Courses taught by Qian He

Crime and Urban Planning in the United States

The spatial patterns and environmental characteristics of urban crime offer planners an opportunity to contribute to building crime-resilient communities.

51 Mins

Public Transit During Covid-19: Challenges and Lessons

The Covid-19 pandemic decimated public transit service across the United States, causing significant decreases in ridership. Social equity subsequently suffered, with the riders who depend most on public transit feeling the most tangible impacts.

42 Mins