Brittany Kubinski

Brittany is a graduate student at the Ohio State University studying City and Regional Planning, also her Alma Mater. Brittany has worked on a wide-array of planning and design projects, including a regional sustainability plan for the Mississippi Gulf Coast, and the Plan for Opportunity. Brittany was involved in many of the plan components and was responsible for designing and laying out the plan documents in InDesign. In December of 2013, the Plan for Opportunity was submitted to HUD as a part of a Sustainable Communities Grant that funded the plan. Brittany then developed the Plan for Opportunity as an iBook, becoming perhaps the first ever iPlan. The plan was submitted to HUD and was then approved in February 2014.

Courses taught by Brittany Kubinski

Creating Interactive iPlans with iBooks Author

This course provides an introduction to the basic functions of Apple iBooks Author and demonstrates how the program can be used to develop interactive documents such as interactive iPlans.

55 Mins