Ben Schulman

Ben Schulman is a writer and editor based in Chicago, with a focus on architecture, urban planning, and policy. His work has appeared in The Atlantic's CityLab, ARCHITECT Magazine, Belt Magazine, ICON Magazine, Metropolis Magazine, New Geography, Streetsblog, and numerous others. 

He is currently the editor of the Design section of Newcity Chicago, co-host of the "A Lot You Got to Holler" podcast on architecture, design and urbanism, and director of publications for the College of Architecture at the Illinois Institute of Technology. Previously, Ben was the editor of Chicago Architect magazine, helped launch the real estate equity crowdfunding platform Small Change, and served as the communications director for the Congress for the New Urbanism.

When not writing about cities, Ben helps head the Contraphonic Sound Series, an attempt to document cities through sound.

Courses taught by Ben Schulman

Building Websites with Squarespace

Learn how to use Squarespace to create simple yet dynamic and effective websites.

65 Mins

Building Websites with Tumblr

Learn how to create simple and effective, yet dynamic, websites using the popular blogging service Tumblr.

62 Mins

Crafting Engaging Email Newsletters with Constant Contact

Constant Contact is one of the leading internet-based email creation programs, and this course will lead you through the process of establishing an account, creating a branded template for repeated use, and crafting compelling content using text and images.

66 Mins

Introduction to Real Estate Equity Crowdfunding

Learn the rules that govern and allow for real estate crowdfunding and how real estate crowdfunding can be deployed in your community for possible development.

53 Mins

Managing Multiple Social Media Platforms with Hootsuite

Learn how to manage your Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn accounts—all under one roof.

61 Mins

Mastering Mailchimp

In this course, we will review the Mailchimp email-publishing platform and create a simple, engaging e-newsletter.

43 Mins

Writing a Press Release

At the end of this course, you will feel confident in establishing your audiences and crafting language that provides the most impact in your press releases.

49 Mins