Adam Fine

Adam is a planner with a unique passion—signs. He has helped organizations of all sorts improve their public spaces and rights-of-way with better signage: signs that welcome newcomers, signs that help people find their way in unfamiliar places, signs that tell big stories, and signs that reveal small ones.

Director of experiential graphic design at Nova Scotia-based Fathom Studio, Adam has worked on interpretive and wayfinding plans for all kinds of clients: municipalities large and small, trail groups, Parks Canada, provincial parks departments, and universities and college campuses. He is a devoted project manager with a commitment to quality, universality, collaboration, and considers sympathy with the end-user to be his most important attribute.

Adam completed a masters degree in urban and regional planning in 2018 at Dalhousie University, with a research focus on pedestrian mobility and transportation. He is also a recovering professional jazz musician with over 20 years of experience on the double bass over hundreds of public performances.

Courses taught by Adam Fine

Designing a Wayfinding System

Learn how to create a comprehensive wayfinding signage system for your municipality from start to finish.

58 Mins

Interpreting Places and Spaces

Interpretive media can dramatically enhance people's experience of place. Learn how to develop and execute a plan that brings the stories tied to places to life.

56 Mins

Planning a Municipal Wayfinding System

Often overlooked, wayfinding is important for urban design, accessibility, and economic development. Learn the elements of a successful wayfinding system in this course.

57 Mins