Design in Planning: An Overview

In this course, Planetizen brings you an overview of design in planning. Using real world examples from design guidelines, plans, and manuals, city planner Jason Kambitsis looks at how code, practice and guidelines precipitate design and the form of our cities. This overview is for students of city planning or planners who desire a refreshing overview of land use and form based codes and best practices in design formation and implementation in the United States.

In This Course

  1. Introduction Free
    1 minute 13 seconds
  2. Integrating Design Into Planning
    8 minutes 4 seconds
  3. The Design Plan
    9 minutes 14 seconds
  4. Design Manuals
    8 minutes 18 seconds
  5. Design Tools in Action
    12 minutes 59 seconds
  6. Zoning Codes
    4 minutes 47 seconds
  7. Form Based Codes
    3 minutes 41 seconds
  8. From Regulation Comes Design
    8 minutes 52 seconds
  9. What We Learned
    1 minute 37 seconds
Jason Kambitsis instructor
Jason Kambitsis, AICP, is the Executive Director of the Mt. Washington Community Development Corporation (MWCDC) in Pittsburgh, PA and is a founding Principal with the Community Planning and Design firm Aspect.